1 killed in Issaquah dump truck-passenger vehicle collision

Police are investigating a fatal motor vehicle accident involving a dump truck and a small SUV on Issaquah-Hobart Road in Issaquah today around 2:50pm this afternoon.

The driver of the passenger vehicle was killed. It has not been reported whether the dump truck driver was injured in the accident.

The accident occurred when the two vehicles collided head-on. One of the vehicles may have crossed over into the oncoming lane.

Head-on collisions are not common but when two vehicles travelling in opposite directions collide, the results can be catastrophic. When the two vehicles are mismatched such as in this Issaquah accident, the likelihood of a fatality increases.

At this point, it is not know what caused this accident. An investigation should reveal if one of the drivers was impaired, suffered a medical emergency or was driving negligently.

Whenever an automobile accidents results in a fatality, the police will perform a thorough investigation to determine what happened in the hopes they are able to prevent similar fatal accidents and to ascertain fault. After the police investigation, insurance companies may also investigate the accident to determine and limit their liability in case any car accident claim arises out of the accident. Both the police report and insurance investigator reports are very important pieces of evidences in any civil case arising from the accident.

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