2009 insurance institute awards for safest cars and trucks

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has just named their “2009 Top Safety Pick” awards. In rating vehicles from small cars to large pickup trucks, the IIHS recognizes vehicles which perform the best in protecting drivers and passengers in crash tests. All the vehicles that won have to be equipped with electronic stability control (ESC) which studies show greatly reduce crash risks.

The good news is that cars and trucks are getting safer. The IIHS awarded 72 vehicles this year which is more than twice the number of vehicles to garner the award in 2008 and more than 3 times more than the number of cars and trucks in 2007.

According to the News Release from the Institute, Acura, Honda and Subaru are the stand outs because they have a vehicle in each and every vehicle category in which they compete.

The “Top Safety Pick” designation has encouraged auto manufacturers to create safer designed cars that go above and beyond federal minimum. Autos and trucks are now safer in serious side crashes and seats and head restraints are doing a better job of protecting passengers and drivers from whiplash injuries.

To see the top 72 vehicles, read the 2009 TOP SAFETY PICK award.

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