2 killed, 4 injured in series of accidents as convicted felon attempts to flee police

A 29-year-old Tieton man and a 41-year-old Yakima woman were killed in a Yakima car accident when a convicted felon, who was attempting to elude police, crashed into their vehicle on Sunday afternoon.

According to the Yakima Herald, Pascual E. Ayala, 29, of Tieton and Marina Barajas, 41, of Yakima were killed when a stolen pickup truck driven by convicted felon, Shaun Christoper Kollman, 30, of Moxee, crashed into the Neon they were riding in at the intersection of 16th Avenue and Englewood.

Police had started chasing Kollmand around 2:30pm when they spotted a pickup truck that had been reported stolen. Kollman ran a stop sign and crashed into a motorist. He then fled on foot to a used car lot where he stole another pickup truck. He nearly ran down a police officer in his getaway from the car lot. Police continued chasing him and he sideswiped several vehicles before he collided into the Neon and a Jeep Wrangler.

Officers were able to apprehend Kollman at the scene of the accident that killed Ayala and Barajas. Kollman had a history of felonies in both King and Snohomish counties and had one prior conviction for trying to elude police. One report said that he was intoxicated on cocaine on Sunday afternoon.

Kollman had been sentenced to 14 years in prison in 2000. His record includes convictions for robbery, theft, burglary, assault and malicious mischief. He now faces multiple felony charges including Vehicular Homicide, attempted murder, hit-and-run driving and burglary.

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