2 killed, mother and infant in critical condition after being hit by a drunk driver in Seattle

A tragic pedestrian accident has claimed the lives of a couple and critically injured their daughter-in-law and her infant when a pickup truck driven by a suspected drunken driver plowed into pedestrians in a Seattle crosswalk reports The Seattle Times.

According to the report, Judy Schulte, 66, and Dennis Shulte, 68, were killed at the intersection of 33rd Avenue Northeast and Northeast 75th Street at 4:16 p.m. Their daughter in law, Karina Ulricksen-Schulte, 30, was thrown to the curb along with her 10-day old infant .Seattle Fire Department medics had to administer CPR on the infant at the scene. Karina reportedly suffered a head injury in the accident. The mother and her baby were taken to Harborview Medical Center.

Police arrested Mark W. Mullan, 50, the driver of the pickup truck and will likely charge him with Vehicular Homicide.

The Seattle Time report investigated Seattle Municipal Court records and found that Mullen was arrested for DUI in Seattle on Dec. 26 and again for DUI in Snohomish County on January 14. Records show he has had many traffic violations which include speeding, inattentive driving and running a red light.

In the aftermath of a fatal pedestrian accident such as this one, the entire community is devastated and wonders how to keep these most dangerous and drunk drivers off of our roadways. In this case, Mullan’s license had been suspended yet he still continued to drive.

In spite of the fact that the legislatures, including those in Washington state, have strengthened drunk driving laws, every year drunk drivers kill around 12,000 people.

A lot of ideas have been floating about to prevent drunk driving in the first place. Some have been suggested that all cars come equipped with breathalyzer kits, or ignition interlocks. Others call for lower blood alcohol content limits. For example, in Japan and Belgium, 0.03 BAC is considered intoxicated while in France, 0.05 is the legal limit.

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