2 pedestrian accident deaths in Western Washington in 24 hours

Two women have been killed in two separate pedestrian accidents in Western Washington in 24 hours. With rainy weather and less daylight, pedestrians are especially vulnerable.

An 82-year-old woman who was crossing in the 700 block of Main Street was struck by a Community Transit bus on Thursday evening around 7:30pm in Monroe and died Friday morning at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett. According to the Everett Herald, the woman , was walking to a “Hello Dolly” production at the Frank Wagner Auditorium. There was light rain at the time of the accident.

In Federal Way, a 60-year-old woman was struck and killed by a car as she crossed in the 32200 block of 21st Avenue Southwest around 6:30am. An article in The Seattle Times cited “poor driving conditions/light and a pedestrian crossing outside of a crosswalk” as factors in the accident.

Safety Tips for Walking in Rainy/Dark Weather

These two tragedies may have been prevented and both women taken some safety precautions. When walking in the rain or the early or late evening hours, precautions have to make sure they are seen. The following are some safety tips:


  1. Make sure you are seen by wearing bright or reflective clothing. Carry a flashlight to make yourself more visible.
  2. Only cross at crosswalks and do not jay walk. Drivers do not expect people to be crossing mid-block.
  3. Avoid walking on a road shoulder, or if you have to, stay as far away from the roadway as possible. Glare of headlights and windshield wipers impairs driver’s visibility.
  4. Be aware that motor vehicles can hydroplane so if you see puddles and water on the road, make sure you give drivers extra stopping distance before you cross the road.
  5. Make sure you are seen by drivers by making eye contact.
  6. When crossing driveways, parking lots and at traffic lights, be especially care of turning drivers.
  7. Don’t distract yourself with your cell phone or headphones. Be alert and watchful of traffic around you.

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