2 teens killed, 3 others injured in South Seattle car accident when car hits pole

Last night, two teenagers were killed and three others were critically injured when the 16-year-old driver of the car they were riding in lost control and hit a pole in South Seattle.

The car accident occurred around 8pm in the 9200 block of 8th Ave. South according to KOMO News.

The male driver of the car died at the accident scene and a teenage girl died later at the hospital. Three other passengers were taken to Harborview Medical Center which is a Level I trauma center. They are listed in critical and serious condition.

Car accidents like this is one is so tragic for all of the young people involved, their families and their community.

As a parent of a teenage driver, I can see that there was a recipe here for disaster: young driver, holiday weekend, wet streets and too many young people in the vehicle. It is likely that the teenage driver was not adhering to Washington state’s intermediate license law which prohibits teen drivers for driving with passengers under 20 years old for the first six months after receiving a license and no more than three passengers under 20 years old for the next six months.

Fixed Object Crashes

20% of all motor vehicle accident deaths result from the vehicle leaving the roadway and hitting a tree, utility pole, barrier or other fixed object. More than half of these deaths occur after dark. In 2010 alone, 7,2727 were killed in fixed object car accidents
Often in a fixed object accident, alcohol and excessive speed are factors.

In fixed object crashes, 80% of the time, the driver is a male and in 28% of the cases, the male driver was younger than 30 years of age.

Police are investigating this accident and will likely determine the cause.

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