2 WA state patrol vehicle totaled in Lynnwood accident

Two Washington state patrol vehicles were totaled when they were hit by a Ford Expedition on Highway 525 near Interstate 5 in Lynnwood this morning.

According to a report on Seattle’s KOMO News.com, the car accident happened when the driver of the Expedition lost control because if icy pavement conditions and hit two patrol cars that were parked on the highway shoulder.

The only injury was to an officer whose thumb was injured.

Seattle experienced some very cold temperatures so roads have been icy which has caused many car accidents. Here are some tips for driving in icy conditions:

  • Slow down — brake slowly, change lanes slowly, turn slowly and generally reduce your speed.
  • Make sure you warn other drivers before turning, changing lanes or stopping; use your signals.
  • If you don’t have anti-lock brakes, pump your brakes slowly.
  • If you have ABS brakes, apply harder pressure to your brakes to break quicker.
  • If your car is skidding, turn your wheels in the direction of the skid.
  • Pay careful attention to bridges, highway on and off ramps and roads in the shade. Slow down before you reach a bridge.
  • Practice driving and “doing doughnuts” in empty parking lots.

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