50 fatal accidents on U.S. Highway 2 in Washington in 9 years

The Everett Herald Net reports that there have been 50 fatal motor vehicle accidents on the section of US Highway 2 between Snohomish and Stevens Pass since 1999. Antonio Miranda, who died this past weekend, had the dubious distinction of being the 50th fatal accident victim when his car crossed over the center line. His accident was one of 18 fatal “crossover” accidents where a car crossed over the center line.

highway 2 car accident washingtonGovernor Christine Gregoire has designated US 2 as a “traffic safety corridor” which is the Washington Traffic Safety Commission working with the Washington State Department of Transportation and the Washington State Patrol to address low-cost, short-term solutions to problems on the roadways in order to reduce fatal and disabling motor vehicle accidents.

US 2 is a vital east-west link across the Cascade Mountains. It is used as a major transportation corridor, ferrying agricultural products and container shipments from the port of Seattle and Tacoma. It also provides access to the Cascade mountains for thousands of people engaged in outdoor activities like camping, hiking, skiing and fishing.

The US 2 Safety Coalition was formed after several traffic deaths in eastern Snohomish County. The coalition was formed to raise awareness of hazards on US 2, decrease gridlock on the highway and make the highway safer. The Coalition also raises money for road improvements. The Coalition views Highway 2 as a vital link in Puget Sound’s economic development and they insist that Highway 2 improvements need to be higher on the priority list of the legislature.

The Safety Coalition would like to see the highway widened to four lines with a divider.

We would like to see the carnage on Highway 2 end as well. As Washington Personal Injury Attorneys specializing in car accident cases, we aim to raise awareness about the causes of motor vehicle accidents and we have written far too often about deaths and serious personal injuries that have occurred on Highway 2.

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