6 injured when semi truck hits cars, bus on Interstate 5

One person was critically injured and two people seriously injured when an out-of-control semi-truck hit a charter bus and two passenger vehicles today in Seattle reports the Seattle Fire Department. The critically injured person and four seriously injured persons were taken to Harborview Medical Center. One seriously injured person went to Virginia Mason and one to Swedish, both in Seattle.

All of the injured suffered neck and or back pain. The semi truck driver was listed in serious condition.

The semi truck accident occurred around 12:10pm as the semi truck was transitioning onto to Interstate 5 from West Seattle near the Columbian Way exit.

It is unclear at this point what caused the semi-truck to lose control. It was a very rainy day in Seattle with slick streets which necessitated all vehicles to slow down. If this trucker did not pay attention to prevailing road conditions, he may face charges of negligent driving.

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Local Attorney Represents Semi Truck Accident Victims

Motor vehicle accidents involving semi trucks often result in serious and fatal injuries to the occupants of passenger vehicles.

Interstate 5 is a major traffic corridor and semi truck accidents occur on a too-frequent basis. In 2009, there were 453 fatal accidents involving semi trucks in Washington and 31% of these occurred on interstate highways. More semi truck accidents occur between 6am to 3pm than other time periods.

Driving a semi truck or big rig is a challenging job which requires a high degree of professionalism. Common factors in semi truck accidents include:

  • speeding
  • driver fatigue
  • distracted driving
  • unfamiliarity with the road
  • medication

If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries because of an accident involving a negligent big truck operator, you may be able to bring an injury accident claim against the driver and the company he/she was driving for. An experienced personal injury attorney can assist by requesting pertinent data related to the accident that injured you including the accident report, black box data, fuel receipts, drug testing and the driver’s log.

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