73-year-old Mukilteo woman killed in pedestrian accident

Margaret Fox, 73, of Mukilteo was hit and killed by a flatbed truck on Thursday evening as she was crossing an intersection in Mukilteo.

According to a report in the Herald Net of Everett, Fox was crossing the intersection at Harbour Pointe Boulevard SW and Blue Heron Boulevard.

The pedestrian accident occurred around 7:45am when the woman and her friend were walking. The woman’s friend was able to cross safely.

The driver of the 12-wheel flatbed truck was not identified but the report listed his age as 32.

Washington Vehicle Code RCW 46.61.235
regulates crosswalks. It states that vehicles approaching either an unmarked or marked crosswalk must stop and remain stopped to allow pedestrians or bicycles to cross the roadway when the pedestrian or bicyclist is within one lane of the half of the roadway upon which the vehicle is traveling or turning.

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