7 injured in series of Lakewood car accidents on I-5

There were four car accidents on Interstate 5 in Lakewood around 4:30pm this afternoon. There were 11 vehicles involved and seven people suffered injuries. There was one accident involving four cars, another one involving three cars and two accidents involving two cars each.

In an article in the News Tribune of Tacoma, Stacia Glen wrote that Guy Gill, speaking for the Washington State Patrol, said the weather was to blame as there was sun glare on the road.

The previous day, I was headed out of town and I was traveling on Interstate 405 in Bellevue. I witnessed two 3-car accidents in the northbound lanes within a mile of each other on the stretch of the road through downtown. The sun wasn’t glaring.

Last week, there was a fatal car accident on I-405 in Bellevue involving an Issaquah teen. In that case, the young driver did not anticipate slowing cars on the highway.

In my 30 years experience representing victims of car accidents, I believe that most accidents could be avoided if:

  • drivers slow down
  • drivers leave sufficient distance between their car and the car in front of them
  • drivers stay attentive to the road conditions; if one sees brake lights up ahead, then for gosh sakes, slow down.

Car accidents are costly. Not only is repairing a car an expensive proposition but the real cost is the injuries that people suffer and the grieving families left behind when a person is killed. Even minor fender benders can result in whiplash that can account for thousands of dollars in medical bills and years of pain and suffering.

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