8 children and teenagers injured in Highway 97 rollover car accident

Eight children from Brewster were injured on Saturday night in a two-car accident when a car driven by Adriana Gomez Saucedo, 18, attempted to pass a GMC Yukon driven by Maria Zaudio Orozco, 49, and the two vehicles collided.

The motor vehicle accident occurred while both vehicles were traveling northbound on Highway 97, approximately 10 miles north of Brewster. Gomez Saucedo hit the GMC driven by Zaudio Orozco while attempting to pass; both vehicles left the roadway and Gomez Saucedo’s car rolled at least twice.

According to a report in The Wenatchee World, four teenagers in Gomez Saucedo’s Mazda were injured including  Cynthia Ramirez Arellano, 16, head injury; Edith Saucedo Gomez, 17, back and pelvis injury; Bernice Gomez Saucedo, 14, head injury; Carina Valasquez, 16, arm and head injury. Adriana Gomez Saucedo was not injured.

The four children injured in Zaudio Orozco’s vehicle included  Laura Zamudio, 17, neck and head injury; Cynthia Ramirez, 16, neck injury; Esteban Orozco, 1, neck injury; Olga Orozco, 5, neck injury. Zaudio Orozco and Armando Zamudio, 42, a passenger, were not injured.

All eight victims were taken to Okanogan Douglas Hospital in Brewster for treatment.

Passing accidents can cause severe injuries and often involve fatalities. This is because the vehicles involved are usually traveling at speeds of 25mph or more and often involved head-on collisions. Passing maneuvers can be especially dangerous for new or inexperienced drivers.

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