Allstate Insurance listed as ‘worst insurer’ in report

Ray De Lorenzi writing for the American Associate for Justice reports that “Allstate ranks as the worst insurer for consumers” with their tactics of “Deny, Delay, Defend.” The Association for Justice did an extensive review of legal documents and financial filings and ranked the 10 companies that “refuse to pay just claims, employ hardball tactics against policyholders, reward executives with extravagant salaries and raise premiums while hoarding excessive profits.”

The Association says that Allstate has an aggressive strategy of denying claims at any cost. According to the Association, agents were rewarded with items like refrigerators for falsifying documents like claiming that a fire was arson.

To view the Association’s report “The Ten Worst Insurance Companies in America — How they Raise Premiums, Deny Claims and Refuse Insurance to Those Who Need It”click here. The reports lists the following companies as the 10 worst:

  1. Allstate – for having an aggressive strategy to deny claims
  2. Unum – for claiming a multiple sclerosis patients symptoms were “self-reported”
  3. AIG – for engaging in fraud
  4. State Farm – for its deny and delay tactics
  5. Conesco – for making claims processing so difficult that elderly patients either died or gave up
  6. WellPoint – for canceling the policies of pregnant women
  7. Farmers – for offering the staff incentives for having low claims
  8. UnitedHealth – for delaying claims and reimbursing low.
  9. Torchmark – for preying on low-income and minority policy holders.
  10. Liberty Mutual – for adopting aggressive tactics and refusing to renew policies.

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