Auburn teen may lose his driver’s license after two tickets at one traffic stop

An Auburn teenage may have his car keys taken away after he received two separate tickets by two separate officers at one traffic stop in Auburn reports the Washington State Patrol (WSP).

According to the report, a WSP airplane spotted the vehicle the youth was driving, a Mazda RX7, speeding on westbound SR-18 near Auburn. A call to a trooper went out and before the trooper caught up with the vehicle, an Auburn Police Department motorcycle officer had stopped the Mazda for speeding in a school zone.seattle car accident lawyer
The WSP trooper issued the teenager a citation for Negligent Driving 2nd degree infraction for speeding on SR-18 and on the off-ramp to 304th street. The Auburn police officer issued the teen a citation for speeding at 31mph in a 20mph posted school zone.

The teenager was driving on a an intermediate driver’s license. In Washington State, teenagers are issued intermediate license which states if you commit 3 driving violations your license will be suspended until age 18. The teen already had a violation so he will probably lose his license.

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