Bellevue Police Officer hit by senior citizen

A Bellevue, Washington police officer was injured when he was directing traffic near NE 4th street and 111th Ave NE in downtown Bellevue. The officer, who was directing traffic at the time, was hit by a 2008 Audi driven by a 75 year old man. The officer suffered a broken leg after being hit and thrown over the car. He was taken to Overlake Hospital in Bellevue where he had surgery on a broken femur.

Reporter Steve Guiterrez reporting in the Seattle Post Intelligencer said that the cause of the accident has not yet been determined and it appeared that alcohol or drugs did not appear to play a part.

While we do not know the cause of the accident at this time, the age of the driver makes one wonder if age played a part. One of the most difficult things for our aging population is to know when to give up the car keys. is a resource for senior citizens and their families. They say that while many elders can safely drive into their 80’s, they are at a higher risk than younger people to have an accident. Automobile accidents can seriously injur elders more than younger people. lists the following risk factors for older drivers:

• Decline of vision
• Loss of hearing
• Limited mobility
• Decreased reaction time
• Medications that affect driving and reactions
• Drowsiness
• Dementia

senior citizen driving hazards.jpg

Older driver often get confused with sign markings and road construction which may have been the case in this Bellevue accident.

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