Bellevue to install traffic cameras near some schools & intersections

The Bellevue city council has approved a pilot program to install traffic cameras around designated elementary schools and intersections where there has been a problem with speeding and running red lights. The presence of cameras should reduce car accident rates and improve pedestrian safety around school.
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Speed cameras will be installed near the following elementary schools:

  • Stevenson
  • Lake Hills
  • Sunset

Red light cameras will be installed on the following streets:

  • Northeast 8th
  • Bel-Red Road
  • 148th Ave NE

Police Chief Linda Pillo said:

“The effort is expected to improve traffic safety in the affected areas, while reducing risk to our officers. With only minimal impact to our budget, the red-light cameras should provide efficient enforcement and help us continue to protect our community’s children.”

Statistics will be gathered from these cameras and the data will be reviewed by the city council every six months according to

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