Bellingham Herald ponders bicycling under the influence law

Dean Kahn, writing in the Bellingham Herald, thinks it is time for a bicycling under the influence law. Some states such as California and Delaware apply driving under the influence laws to bicyclists and impose fines from $150 to $1150. In Washington State, bicyclists can not be arrested for bicycling under the influence.

According to Kahn’s article, one federal official said that in 30 percent of adult bicycle fatalities, the bicyclist was intoxicated at the time of the accident. While cars pose a much greater risk, there are still some risks to other involved while bicycling under the influence.

“He [the drunken bicyclist] can still cause an accident,” said Bellingham police Sgt. David Richards. “He can still cause an injury accident. He can still cause a fatal accident.”

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In reading the comments on The Bellingham Herald web-site, many people don’t believe that another law is needed. They say that existing laws regarding public drunkenness should be adequate. Bicyclists are also subject to other traffic laws and can be ticketed for offenses like running a red light or making an illegal left hand turn. Perhaps a specific inclusion of bicycles in driving under the influence laws is not needed.

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