Bicycle helmet testing: not all helmets pass muster

bike-ad.jpgWearing a bicycle helmet is a must for all bicyclists, both young and old.

Bicycle helmets save lives and prevent traumatic brain injuries. An Institute of Medicine review of bicycle accident concussions found that wearing a helmet reduced the risk of a traumatic brain injury by almost 70%.

In the past twenty years, 90% of bicyclists who were killed were not wearing a bicycle helmet. There is no doubt that bicycle helmets are an essential safety gear and prevent brain damage.

Bicyclists should turn to Consumer Reports, a magazine that publishes reviews and rates products based upon testing in their research center. Consumer Reports tests how well helmets can withstand impact and how much force is transmitted to a cyclist’s head in a bicycle accident. They test impact to all areas of the heads including front, crown, back and sides. They also test the chinstraps and buckles to see how strong they are.

Cannondale Teramo bicycle helmets

Cannondale Teramo bicycle helmets did not pass the Consumer Report chin strap buckle test. Consumer Reports found that the chin strap buckle broke during multiple tests. Consumer Reports advises bicycle riders to not wear a Cannondale Teramo helmet because it poses a safety risk.

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