Bicycle, motorcycle and truck accidents fatalities increased in 2011

Today, a bicyclist in his 30’s was hit by a motorist at Yale Avenue North and Fairview Ave N. in Seattle who then left the accident scene, according to the Seattle Bike Blog. Thankfully, the bicyclist was not too seriously injured but this type of hit-and-run accident has become a far too common occurrence in Seattle, Bellevue and throughout the Pacific Northwest.

For many years, fatal car accidents have been decreasing and, in 2011, fatal motor vehicle accident deaths were at their lowest level since 1949. Despite this positive trend, bicycle, motorcycle and trucking-related fatal accidents have been increasing.

In 2011, the number of fatal bicycle accidents increased by 8.7% and the number of occupants killed in trucking-related accidents increased by 20% in 2011.

Fatal Bicycle Accidents

More people are commuting on bicycles to work and for pleasure and so the increase in fatal bicycle accidents should be of no surprise, especially as many cities have done little to address the traffic infrastructure to provide bicyclists safe lanes to ride in.

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

In 2011, fatal motorcycle accidents increased by 2.1 percent, marking the 13th time in the last 14 years that motorcycle rider deaths have risen.

Fatal Trucking Accidents

One of the most surprising statistics that came out of the 2011 FARS reporting system is the increase in deaths associated with trucking accidents. Sean McNally, a spokesman for the American Trucking Associations, says there may be a correlation between the uptick in trucking accident deaths with the increase of highway speed limits in some states.

Bicycle Accidents Often Result in Catastrophic Injuries

Bicycle riders can be seriously injured in collisions with cars, trucks or SUVs. Often accident victims suffer multiple injuries including fractures, brain injuries and death. Bicycle accident victims and their families are well-advised to seek the consult of an attorney who specializes in bicycle accident law to insure their rights are protected.

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