Bicyclist injured in Seattle accident

A bicyclist was taken to Harborview Medical Center’s trauma unit after he was hit by a car on Thursday around 1pm.

The bicycle accident occurred on Lake Washington Boulevard South in the 2000 block.

Kyle Moore of the Seattle Fire Department said that the man had serious injuries to his ribs but is expected to recover.

This accident comes occurred but two weeks after Lance David, another bicyclist, was killed on May 1st when he ran into a semi truck on as he rode his bicycle on East Marginal Way South. East Marginal Way South is known for irregular and rough pavement and rail road tracks which are definitely hazards to bicyclists.

These two accidents bring to light the dangers inherent in riding a bicycle. A bicycle is no match for a motor vehicle or large truck that weighs up to a ton more. Bicyclists are at risk of injury such as broken bones, spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries as a result of a bicycle accident.

For safety’s sake, bicyclists should wear a properly fitted helmet. Other safety precautions include increasing ones visibility with reflective and flashing lights and wearing bright colored clothing.

Bicyclists should also carefully plan their routes. Let’s face it, Seattle and surrounding cities often do not have the infrastructure such as bike lanes and protected lanes for bicyclists so care should be exercised in finding the safest route when one is a bicycle commuter.

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