Boy struck by bicyclist near Pike Street Market in Seattle

Noni Echo-Hawk-Lopez, age 6, suffered an injury to his jaw after he was hit while walking by a bicyclist in a downtown Seattle intersection by a man who then tried to leave the area. Young Noni was hit while he was walking with his father Chris Lopez and brother on Friday night outside Pike Street Market. The bicyclist reportedly picked up his bike after the accident and tried to flee until a group of bystanders tackled him and subdued him until police arrived.

According to the report on Seattle’s KING, Noni was treated at Harborview Medical Center where physicians had to wire his jaw shut. He may require reconstructive surgery in the future.

The article did not what charges the bicyclist might face. Washington vehicle code establishes crosswalks at all intersections and requires vehicles to stop for pedestrians (WAC 132E-16-040 Pedestrians – Right of Way).

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