Can you get a whiplash injury in a low speed car accident?

We often get asked the question whether it is possible for someone to get a whiplash injury in a low speed car accident. Some times insurance companies balk at paying out on an insurance claim for a whiplash injury when the car accident was described as a fender bender, there were no skid marks or the damage to the vehicles involved is not that substantial. However, one cannot equate the damage to a motor vehicle to a person. Indeed people can and do suffer whiplash injuries which require treatment in low speed car accidents.
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One study published on the National Institute of Health web-site showed that biodynamic stresses which cause slight to moderate vehicle damage may be high enough to cause injuries. Low speed car accidents of just a few miles per hour can be severe enough to cause hyperflexion of the cervical spine and even accidents involving bumper cars at an amusement park have been known to cause whiplash injury.

One should never let an insurance company say that a person is not injured by looking at the physical evidence on a vehicle. A diagnosis by a qualified physician based on standards of orthopedic neurological testing should be sufficient.

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