Car accident deaths down in Washington and U.S. in 2009

The Washington State Patrol, in a media release, announced that the National Safety Council reports that deaths attributed to car accidents are down significantly in the first three months of 2009.

In January through March of 2008, there were 108 people killed in car accidents in Washington State. During the same three months of this year, there were only 91. This is a 17% reduction in the number of people killed.

Authorities believe the following factors have lowered the car accident death rate:seattle car accident attorney

  • Road design w/ safety in mind
  • Rapid response of emergency medical services
  • Safety devices installed on later model cars including air bags and anti-lock brakes
  • Higher rate of seat belt compliance
  • Greater public awareness of the effects of drunken driving

The major causes of car accident deaths include:

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