Car Accident Risks during Prom and Graduation Season

seattle car accident lawyerIt’s the home stretch for many high school seniors and the last thing we want to read about in the local newspapers are stories of students being killed in a car accidents. Many students look forward to this fun rite-of-passage but it’s important that this special time is not marred by an auto accident that claims the life of any of the teens that participate in it.

Prom and graduations are celebrations that students look forward to for many years and it is an unfortunate reality that many teenagers consume alcohol , marijuana or other drugs at after-prom or graduation parties. These lapses in judgment can have catastrophic consequences.

Every year, more than 3,900 teens are killed in car accidents and impaired driving, driver distraction, speeding and the lack of wearing a safety belt are factors in accidents. Unfortunately, many kids drive after they have been drinking or get into cars when the driver has been drinking. In fact 31 % of teens involved in fatal car accidents had been drinking. One must remember, however, that two-thirds of the teens killed in car accidents were not drinking and that other factors including driver inexperience and distracted driving played a factor in their deaths.

Teens need to be educated so that an entire graduating class can walk across the podium on graduation day. The following are some teen safe driving guidelines which parents should discuss with their teen.

  1. Always wear safety belts
  2. Do not use cell phones and do not text while driving
  3. Do not consume alcohol or drugs and drive
  4. Do not get in a car with a driver who have been using alcohol or drugs
  5. Follow the speed limit
  6. Restrict the number of passengers in a car because the risk of a fatal accident increases with added passengers
  7. Do not drive while tired or drowsy. Because many proms run late or there are after parties, plans should be made so that teens don’t drive or are picked up when the party concludes.

It’s a good idea that parents discuss peer pressure and how to avoid situations where they might get into a car when someone has been drinking and provide teens with the knowledge that they should take the keys away from a friend who has been drinking.

Sometimes parents will provide teenagers taxi money to use in lieu of driving with a friend. Parents should also offer a “no questions asked” ride home should a teenager need one. Some families contribute to hiring a limousine or party bus.

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