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An Auburn teenage may have his car keys taken away after he received two separate tickets by two separate officers at one traffic stop in Auburn reports the Washington State Patrol (WSP).

According to the report, a WSP airplane spotted the vehicle the youth was driving, a Mazda RX7, speeding on westbound SR-18 near Auburn. A call to a trooper went out and before the trooper caught up with the vehicle, an Auburn Police Department motorcycle officer had stopped the Mazda for speeding in a school zone.seattle car accident lawyer

The WSP trooper issued the teenager a citation for Negligent Driving 2nd degree infraction for speeding on SR-18 and on the off-ramp to 304th street. The Auburn police officer issued the teen a citation for speeding at 31mph in a 20mph posted school zone.

The Bellevue city council has approved a pilot program to install traffic cameras around designated elementary schools and intersections where there has been a problem with speeding and running red lights. The presence of cameras should reduce car accident rates and improve pedestrian safety around school.

bellevue car accident lawyerSpeed cameras will be installed near the following elementary schools:

  • Stevenson
  • Lake Hills

If you have a teenage driver, you might want to read U.S. News & World Reports ranking of The 5 Most Dangerous Cars for Teens. Using crash test results by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and by looking at what automotive experts have written about today’s popular cars, US News created a short list of cars that they would not recommend parents purchase for young drivers.

Every year between 5,000 and 6,000 teenage drivers are killed in automobile accidents. In fact, car accidents are the leading cause of death among teenagers. Given those statistics, it’s great to have the U.S. News report. What I like about their report is that they provide an alternative to each car they pan that is safer but still delivers the same cachet for the teen driver.

List of Dangerous Cars for Teenagers:

  • Smart Fortwo –has poor safety data, especially in side crashes. A safer alternative is the Mini Cooper.
  • Volkswagen New Beetle — has blind spots and poor side impact crash results. A safer alternative is the VW Rabbit.

Police have determined that an 11-month-old infant that was thrown from a vehicle in a Federal Way roll over crash was in a car seat that was not properly installed reports Read more about the accident here.

The infant, a little boy, suffered critical head injuries and the driver, a 30-year-old man, had to be extricated from the Mercury Sable which rolled several times after the driver lost control at Southwest 356th Street. Both the baby and the man are being treated at Harborview Medical Center but their conditions have not been released.

This accident illustrates the importance of proper installation of infant and toddler seats to insure a child’s safety. Inspection stations are available to verify that an infant seat or booster seat is properly installed. In Bellevue, AAA Washington performs the inspections. In Seattle, Children’s Hospital, Carter Motors, Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic , The Car Seat Lady, and Swedish Medical Center perform the inspections. You can also check with The National Highway and Transportation and Safety Administration (NHTSA) “Child Safety Seat Inspection Station Locator” for a list of other inspection stations near you.

A small baby — 5-month-old Kellan McCarty of Georgia — died after a single car crash on Wednesday morning. Trooper 1st Class Josh Taylor with the Georgia State Patrol said that preliminary investigation of the accident showed that the baby’s child seat was improperly installed, according to the Florida Times-Union.

The motor vehicle accident occurred when the infant’s cousin, who was driving a sport utility vehicle, lost control of the vehicle. She over-corrected and hit a ditch and ran into a tree.

This tragic accident is a sober reminder to parents in Washington State that proper installation of car seats for both infants and small children is absolutely necessary to prevent injuries and deaths. According to studies, parents are more apt to incorrectly install an infant seat than a booster seat for small children.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), an independent and non-profit, scientific and education organization which is dedicated to reducing deaths, injuries and property damage in motor vehicle accidents, reports that 13 of the 41 child booster seats they examined could not be recommended.

Booster seats for children ages 4 to 7 years old reduce injury risk by 59% over seat belts alone reports a study by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Booster seats function is to elevate children so that seat belts designed for adults are positioned correctly on children. While all the booster seats the IIHS examined passed government standards in crash tests, variation in design means that some position the lap or shoulder belt better than others, thus providing a safer booster seat.

Click here to read the Insurance Institutes’s news release on child booster seats and to see a video of the booster seat evaluations.

Parents who place their child’s car seat in the middle of the back seat rather than on the sides, are keeping their children safe in case of a car accident. By positioning a child’s car seat in the middle of the rear seat, the child is 43% less likely to be injured in a car accident according to a University of Pennsylvania and Children’s hospital of Philadelphia study which was published in the journal Pediatrics.

The study looked at data from 4,790 automobile accidents which involved children under the age of three. They found that only 28 percent of car seats are placed in the middle rear seat. They found that the center position is always recommended but that there is a low compliance.

seattle car accident attorneyCorrect use of car seats for infants and small children is critical in preventing serious injuries and death. Studies show that parents are more likely to incorrectly position and use car seats for infants rather than toddlers.

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