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The Seattle Times reports that a 15-year-old boy was hit and killed instantly by an Amtrak train at a pedestrian crossing in Centralia. The boy was riding his bicycle along with another boy on Saturday afternoon around 4:30 pm when the train accident happened. The other boy was following and was not injured. The accident occurred in the 600 block of South Tower Avenue.

seattle train accident attorneyThe Amtrak train was traveling from Portland to Bellingham. The train was delayed for about 90 minutes after the accident. The Seattle Times article said that Centralia police are investigating.

This is the second time that the Bellingham-Portland Amtrak has hit and killed a bicyclist in the past two months and one of more than a dozen pedestrians killed by a train in Washington State this year. Read Bellingham to Portland Amtrak train kills female cyclist.

In the eighth train-pedestrian fatal accident this year in Washington State, a woman bicyclist was killed by an Amtrak train in Bellingham around 7:45pm Tuesday evening.

bicycle train accidentThe 49-year-old woman has yet to be identified according to KOMO TV news. The woman was at a pedestrian crossing marked with signs at the time of the accident. There is some speculation that she may have been listening to music and did not hear the train. Trains are allowed to travel at 35mph in that stretch of track.

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In the second pedestrian vs. train accident of this type within the past few weeks (see previous posting), a 50-year-old Renton, Washington man was killed by an Amtrak train while he was talking on his cell phone. KOMO TV reports that the accident occurred in Auburn near the Emerald Downs race track around noon. Apparently, the man did not hear the train’s horn because of his phone conversation.

Angie Rodriguez (age 17) was killed about two weeks ago by an Amtrak train as she talked on her cell phone while walking near train tracks in Kent.

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A 17-year-old girl from Kent, Washington was hit by an Amtrak train today as she walked across the tracks near James Street reported There was no crossing signal or barrier on that portion of the tracks.

The girl, who appeared to be talking on a cell phone while she walked, apparently did not notice the oncoming train.

The King County Medical Examiner is conducting an investigation. The name of the girl has not yet been released.

The Yakima Herald-Republic newspaper reported that a freight train that derailed four tank cars was caused by human error. The four cars that derailed were carrying thousands of gallons of liquid propane at the time. Chris Bristol reported that a Federal Railroad Administration investigation in Washington D.C. found that the unmanned Burlington Northern Santa Fe train derailed because the operators had failed to set the brakes.

The S.S. Steiner hops warehouse on Washington Avenue was damaged along with the tracks but no one was hurt in the incident that occurred last April 8, 2007. The train wreck resulted in evacuation of parts of Yakima County but luckily, no propane escaped.

Warren Flatsu, a spokesman for the Federal Railroad Administration in Washington D.C. said that “human factors are the leading cause” of train accidents.

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