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The Bellevue Reporter reports that local law enforcement agencies working in conjunction with the Washington State Patrol are stepping up their enforcement of seat belt laws between May 23 and June 5.

Police departments involved in the “Target Zero” seat belt emphasis patrols include : Auburn, Bellevue, Black Diamond, Burien, Clyde Hill, Covington, Federal Way, Issaquah, Kent, Kirkland, Maple Valley, Mercer Island, Newcastle, North Bend, Pacific, Redmond, Renton, SeaTac, Seattle, Snoqualmie and Tukwila.

Seat belt law emphasis is one proven way to reduce traffic accident fatalities. Studies show that drivers who fail to use a seat belt also engage in other risky behaviors. By concentrating on seat belt enforcement, aggressive driving, distracted driving, equipment violations and speeding, law enforcement can reduce traffic accidents and fatalities.

Washington state has a seat belt compliance rate of nearly 96% which is one of the highest in the nation.

For more information, see Target Zero which explains Washington’s plan to end traffic fatalities and serious injuries.

This information is provided by Seattle Car Accident Lawyer blog, a service of The Farber Law Group. We represent people who have been seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents and the family of those killed. With our help, you may recover compensation for your damages.

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Two people were taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle after a Lynnwood motor vehicle accident involving a Community Transit bus.

of Everett reports that the car accident occurred on Highway 99 near 40th Avenue West around 9am when a car driven by Yollymar Delgado, 22, of Lynnwood, turned into the path of an oncoming bus.

Delgado and his passenger, a woman, were thrown from the car. Their injuries appeared to be serious.

The force of the impact caused Delgado’s vehicle to be pushed into a car driven by a 17-year-old boy also from Lynnwood. The teen complained of neck and back pain and he was taken for treatment at an area hospital.

Delgado most likely will be cited with vehicle code RCW 46.61.185 “Vehicle Turning Left” which states that a vehicle turning left within an intersection shall yield the right-of-way to any vehicle approaching from the opposite direction.

It is really unfortunate that Delgado and his passenger were apparently not wearing seat belts at the time of impact. Seat belts prevent motorists from being thrown from vehicle which prevents very serious injuries.

This information is provided by Seattle Car Accident Lawyer blog, a service of The Farber Law Group. We represent people who have been seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents including those who have suffered whiplash injuries and the families of those killed. With our help, you may recover compensation for your damages.

See our Whiplash Injuries Resources.

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If you’ve been in a Seattle motor vehicle accident, you may be suffering from a condition called whiplash. Whiplash is not a made-up injury, it’s real, it’s painful and it can be debilitating. Because it can leave a sufferer with a chronic condition, it is important that a person seek the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney because often insurance companies discount the pain and suffering of a whiplash victim.

Whiplash can cause a wide-range of symptoms including neck pain, neck stiffness, blurred vision, chronic headaches, back pain, numbness or pain in the legs and arms, jaw pain, vertigo and dizziness.

Whiplash injuries affect the spinal cord and they require treatment, in fact, if left untreated, symptoms can become worse.

If your auto accident was caused by the negligence of another driver, it is considered a personal injury. At The Farber Law Group, we represent car accident victims in the Seattle-Bellevue-Tacoma area with injuries including whiplash, paralysis, brain stem injuries, broken necks and other types of injuries involving the spinal cord.

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A 39-year-old Lacey woman was killed when the car she was riding in slammed into the back of a Shelton School District bus around 6:30 this morning, south of Shelton, reports The Seattle

According to the report, a car driven by a 32-year-old Olympia man was driving an SUV at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour when it rear-ended the school bus that had slowed to turn onto Highway 101.

Luckily there were no children on the school bus at the time of the school bus accident. The school bus driver complained of a sore neck and back after the accident which may be symptoms of a whiplash injury.

Witnesses told police they saw the SUV speeding and weaving prior to the accident and the SUV may have not even braked when it hit the bus.

Washington State Troopers are investigating whether alcohol or drugs were involved in the accident. If this is the case, the driver may be charged with Vehicular Homicide. Washington State vehicle code RCW 46.61.520 states that a driver may be charged with Vehicular Homicide if a person is killed in a motor vehicle and the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time, driving recklessly or driving without regard to the safety of others.

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The Olympian reports that two girls, ages 8 and 10 were injured in a chain-reaction 3-car accident on Interstate 5 in Chehalis around 3pm on Friday.

According to the report, a Toyota Prius driven by a Vancouver man, age 27, failed to stop for slowed traffic and rear ended a Toyota Camry driven by a Orting man, age 64, which then rear-ended a Mercury Sable driven by a Shelton man, age 70.

Two girls, who were passengers in the Toyota Camry driven by the Orting man, were taken to Centralia Providence Hospital for possible neck injuries.

Six people were injured when two pickup trucks collided this afternoon in Grant County.

According to a report in the Yakima, Darin E. Clifford, 44, of Tucson, Arizona was driving a 2006 GMC pickup truck south on State Route 17 when he failed to stop at a stop sign at State Route 28 and collided with a Chevrolet pickup truck driven by John J. Heston, 33, of Ephrata.

Clifford was taken to Columbia Basin Hospital in Ephrata for treatment of cuts and bruises. His passenger, Clifford A. Thomas, 15, of Selah suffered serious injures including internal injuries, head injuries and possibly two broken legs. Thomas was taken to Central Washington Hospital in Wenatchee.

Lavonne L. Nakano, 40, of Bucoda was injured when the car she was driving was rear ended on Interstate 5 near Castle Rock. Nakano was taken to St. Johns Hospital for treatment of back and neck injuries after the accident.

Nakano had stopped for a lane closure near mile post 48 when she was rear ended by a Lexus driven by Cathy Burns of Mercer Island report Tacoma’s The News Tribune.

Burns may be cited for negligent driving. The report did not mention whether driver distraction was a factor in the accident.

We often get asked the question whether it is possible for someone to get a whiplash injury in a low speed car accident. Some times insurance companies balk at paying out on an insurance claim for a whiplash injury when the car accident was described as a fender bender, there were no skid marks or the damage to the vehicles involved is not that substantial. However, one cannot equate the damage to a motor vehicle to a person. Indeed people can and do suffer whiplash injuries which require treatment in low speed car accidents.

seattle whiplash injury attorneyOne study published on the National Institute of Health web-site showed that biodynamic stresses which cause slight to moderate vehicle damage may be high enough to cause injuries. Low speed car accidents of just a few miles per hour can be severe enough to cause hyperflexion of the cervical spine and even accidents involving bumper cars at an amusement park have been known to cause whiplash injury.

One should never let an insurance company say that a person is not injured by looking at the physical evidence on a vehicle. A diagnosis by a qualified physician based on standards of orthopedic neurological testing should be sufficient.

A Washington State Patrol trooper was injured when his patrol car hit a jersey barrier on the northbound Interstate 705 near Interstate 5 in Tacoma this morning. The trooper suffered neck and back injuries in the car accident.

According to a report in The Olympian, the trooper was traveling at high speed while pursuing a stolen vehicle. Apparently he lost control of his vehicle on the icy road.

This information is provided by Seattle Car Accident Lawyer blog, a service of The Farber Law Group. We represent people who have been seriously injured in car accidents and the family of those killed.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that a Seattle police detective suffered possible head and neck injuries after a drunken driver pulled out in front of him, causing a car accident in downtown Seattle.

According to the report, the officer was driving to work in his personal car around 2:56am on Pine Street when the car accident occurred.

The officer was taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle for treatment.