Cell phone users help get drunk driver off the road

seattle car accident lawyerKOMO News reports the Washington State Patrol said that 911 received 14 911 calls on New Year’s Day from people reporting an erratic driver on Interstate 5 on New Year’s Day near Lakewood.

Witnesses called 911 operators reporting seeing a blue Dodge Durango weaving, driving up onto the shoulder and even running into the median.

Washington State Patrol troopers were able to locate the driver after some witnesses followed the vehicle and reported its location. By the time troopers located the driver, his vehicle had been disabled after he struck the median multiple times. While the driver tried to leave the accident scene, he was apprehended by troopers.

The Troopers credit involved citizens from preventing an injury accident.

Spotting a Drunk Driver

This event shows how concerned citizens can protect themselves and other drivers from drunk drivers. If you see any of the following driving behaviors, don’t hesitate to call 911 as these may be signs of a drunk driver:

  1. A driver who suddenly accelerates or decelerates.
  2. A driver who is tailgating or following other drivers too closely.
  3. A driver who is weaving and changing lines often.
  4. A driver who is steering off of the road and on shoulders or lanes not designated for motorists.
  5. A driver who stops without a reason or who brakes often.
  6. A driver who fails to signal or signals and then does not follow through.
  7. A driver who stops suddenly or delays a start.
  8. A driver who consistently drivers over lane markers.
  9. A driver who is travelling more than 10 miles below the speed limit.
  10. A driver who abruptly turns.
  11. A driver who is driving the wrong way against traffic.

Steps to Take if You Are Sharing the Road with a Drunk Driver

Drunk drivers on the road endanger the lives our families and friends. If you witness a driver exhibiting behaviors of drunken drivers, you should know what to do. The following are some tips:

  1. Keep a distance between you and the other driver.
  2. Do not pass the erratic driver or try to get them to pull over.
  3. Note the road name and the vehicle’s license number and make, model and color of their vehicle.
  4. Pull over and call 911 and provide identifying information to the 911 driver. The Washington State Patrol or other police authorities will take it from there.

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