Concrete barriers to be installed on dangerous 10 mile stretch on I-5 near Marysville

The Washington State Department of Transportation will replace cable barriers with concrete barriers next year on northbound Interstate 5 near Marysville reports The Seattle Times. A Washington State Department of Transportation Report (WSDOT), along with the Washington State Patrol (WSP), recommended that concrete barriers be built on northbound lanes and allow cable barriers to remain on southbound lanes. In the past seven years, eight people have been killed in cross over collisions where vehicles went through the guardrails in one 10 mile stretch of Interstate 5.

seattle car accident attorneyThe impetus of the study was an accident on the I-5 near Marysville where a driver went through two sets of cables and ran into a charter bus, injuring the bus driver and killing the driver of the car. The report says, “apart from special circumstances in Marysville, cable median barrier has performed excellently and saved many live on state highways in Washington.” It also says, “apart from the 10-mile stretch of I-5 in Marysville, not a single crossover fatality has been recorded on Washington’s freeway in locations where cable median barrier has been installed.”

Critics of the cable barriers say that they are the least expensive to install but maintenance is expensive and there are safer alternatives including guard rails and concrete barriers.

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