Cross-over crash kills Puyallup woman and injures three others

A cross-over crash involving three vehicles killed a Puyallup woman and injured three others on State Route 512 in Puyallup in Pierce County on Monday according to The Seattle Post Intelligencer.

The accident occurred around noon when a 54-year-old Puyallup woman crashed through the cable barrier and collided with a semi-truck. The semi-truck then jack-knifed and collided with a pickup truck. The wrong-way driver was killed, the semi truck driver, a 41-year-old Tacoma man, suffered minor injuries and the driver of the pickup, a 22-year-old Silverdale man, was taken to St. Joseph Medical Center in Tacoma with serious injuries. The pick up driver’s four-year-old male passenger suffered serious injuries and was taken to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital in Tacoma.

Wrong-way crashes are a very serious problem. Just last week there was a deadly crossover crash in Federal Way which killed two people and seriously injured three others. The two people killed have been identified as Robert Galaviz, 55, of Federal Way, and Georgina Steele, 61, of Seattle, reports the Washington State Patrol. In that case, a 51-year-old Puyallup man, a youth basketball coach, has been arrested on suspicion of vehicular homicide because police believe he may have been impaired due to alcohol or drugs.

Alcohol or drugs are often a factor in these crashes and they usually result in deaths and very serious injuries because drivers of the cars involved are often going at high rates of speed. In this Puyallup accident, we don’t yet know the cause and whether health problems, mechanical problems with her vehicle or road design were factors.

Cable Barriers

Many people have some serious concerns about the use of cable barriers to prevent cross-over crashes. Many call for greater safety features and concrete barriers.

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