Defensive driving: avoiding head-on collisions

Just last week, a man was killed on Highway 2 when another driver left their lane and struck the man’s vehicle head-on. Every year, approximately 5,200 people die in head-on accidents. Learning how to avoid these types of accidents might very well save your life.

Some head-on collisions are caused when a driver, due to impairment or inattention, veers from their own lane. Other times, drivers become confused and enter a freeway or highway going the wrong way.

The National Safety Council recommends the four R’s:

Read the Road – scan the road ahead of you. This means that you need to be alert. You should be sure you are sober and awake whenever you drive your vehicle.

Drive to the Right – drive slightly to the right of your lane so that any cars passing will see you and you also have room to escape.

Reduce your speed – Slow down but don’t slam on your brakes.

Ride off the road – If you have to choose between hitting the oncoming car or driving into a ditch or a guardrail, your chances are better if you hit the fixed object since the force of two vehicles approaching is greater than that of hitting a stationary object.

And, we’ll add a “W” to the four R’s:

Wear your seatbelt – Seatbelts save lives and in a head-on collision, they can be a lifesaver.

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