Don’t let your Christmas tree be a “lost load”

The Washington State Patrol constantly reminds drivers to secure their loads. Katya Yefimova, writing for the, says that Christmas trees are not an uncommon “lost load” this time of year. The Patrol takes lost or unsecured loads very serious. Two weeks ago, a lost ladder on the I-5 made a bus swerve and roll over with 38 Bellevue High School football players and coaches. Luckily, in that accident there were no severe injuries. Sometimes lost loads result in very serious injuries and even death.

Every year there are approximately 400 accidents in Washington State caused by lost loads. Vehicle code RCW 46.61.655 provides the penalty for a lost load.

This is the time of year when people shop for Christmas trees and tie them to the roof of the cars. If yours falls off, you are liable for a $216 fine for failing to secure your load and you could even face a criminal charge and serve up to a year in prison if someone is injured because of your dropped Christmas tree.

To prevent a lost load and potential collision:

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  • Secure your tree even if it is in the bed of your truck.
  • Bring extra rope to tie your tree down.
  • Attach a red flag or tape if your tree is sticking out of the back of your car.

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