Driver killed in I-5 car accident in Seattle near Boeing Field

A driver was killed, his passenger was injured and another driver was injured in a Seattle car accident when a pickup truck rear-ended a Toyota Corolla that was disabled in a traffic lane on Interstate 5 near Boeing Field.

Seattle’s reports that the motor vehicle accident occurred in the northbound lanes near the Michigan Street exit.

The Toyota’s driver, a 33-year-old Seattle man, was killed and his 27-year-old female passenger suffered unspecified injuries.

The driver of the pickup truck was also injured in the accident. His two passengers, a male and a female, reportedly left the accident scene.

The Washington State patrol said that neither alcohol or drugs were factors in the car accident but they are investigating why the driver of the pickup truck was unable to avoid the collision.

This type of car accident is so tragic because they are so often fatal. It is really important that all motorists try their best to move their vehicle out of active traffic lanes and onto a shoulder if their car becomes disabled. The reason is that distracted drivers or drunk drivers often plow into disabled vehicles.

The following safety tips should help you if your vehicle becomes disabled:

  • Pull to the right side of the highway, if possible.
  • Turn on your Hazard lights.
  • Call 9-1-1 for assistance.
  • Be wary if another motorist stops to help you especially if you are alone.
  • If you get out of your car, stand a distance from it and never stand behind it to avoid being pinned between your vehicle and another vehicle if it gets hit.

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