Driveway accidents: the most deadly and traumatic of pedestrian accidents

This is not a pleasant post but it is one that must be written because it is important that parents, caregivers and motorists be aware that one of the deadliest types of car/pedestrian accidents occur in driveways. Today, we entered the term “driveway accident” into a Google news search and found the following news stories:
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  • Wenatchee World. April 14: A 17 month old boy suffered cuts, scrapes, and bruises when he was hit by the undercarriage of a vehicle that was backing out of a driveway.
  • The Olympian: April 14: A 3-year-old girl, Saniah Marcus, died after an accident in which her mother’s 25-year-old fianc√© pulled out of the driveway and ran over and killed the girls while she was riding her tricycle in University Place.
  • KMOX News, April 12: A 6-year-old Pontoon Beach girls, Lyvia Roach, was killed after she was run over in a driveway near her home.
  • Journal Courier: April 14, 2010: A woman apparently ran over her 2-year-old son in the driveway of the family’s West Center Street home.
  • Standard-Examiner: April 9, 2010. No charges expected in Roy fatal driveway accident against a mother who accidentally ran over her 4-year-old son, Tyler Foote, in the driveway of their Roy home.

With results like these, it seems like driveway-related motor vehicle injuries to children is an epidemic. Driveway accidents are likely to cause traumatic head injuries and have a 10 times increase in death as compared to other pediatric accidents. Every year, more than 100 children are killed and thousands are injured when a car or SUV backs over them.

Education and public awareness is the key to protecting young and vulnerable children from devastating accidents. Always ensure adult supervision or children when backing your vehicle. If you need to move a vehicle, even only a short distance, place the child inside the vehicle while you move it. Adequate fencing and door locks can also keep children away from driveways.

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