Estate of man struck and killed by garbage truck settles wrongful death lawsuit for $1.15M

The estate of a man struck critically injured in a garbage truck accident settled a wrongful death lawsuit for $1.15M. (Citation: Koza v. Pope, No. 09-246465 (09) (Fla., Broward Co. Cir. Feb. 14, 2012). )

backup car accident attorney93-year-old Wladslaw Koza was hit as he approached a garbage truck from behind to offer the driver a tip for picking up some cardboard boxes. The truck driver backed over him and dragged him almost 30 feet before the driver’s helper alerted the driver to stop.

Koza survived the accident but his injuries, which included a subdural hematoma and a degloving injury to his arm, were so severed that he succumbed to them about 10 days after the accident.

Before the accident, Koza was an active retiree who was renovating his home. He was survived by his three adult children and six grandchildren.

Koza’s son filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of his father’s estate against All Service Refuse Co., the temporary service that hired the truck driver, the truck driver and other related companies. The wrongful deathsuit claimed that the driver was negligent when he violated the refuse company’s policy which forbids backing up except when absolutely necessary and not without a lookout.

The defendants admitted liability before trial and the suit was settled for $1.15 million, with $1M to be paid by All Service and $150,000 from the temporary hiring agency.

Backup Accidents

Backup accidents are not that all uncommon and that is why many trucking companies develop policies to protect pedestrians, bicyclists and small vehicles. Many trucking companies also install safety equipment such as backup sensors, mirrors and camera systems on their trucks to prevent accidents from occurring.

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