Everett 7-car accident injures 9, including 3 children

At least nine people were injured in an Everett motor vehicle accident on Tuesday night when seven cars were involved in a pile-up.

The Everett HeraldNet.com reports that the car accident occurred on 128th Street SW just west of Fourth Avenue West around 6pm.

Three children were injured in the motor vehicle accident including a 15-year-old girl, 7-year-old-girl and a 15-month-old girl. Six adults were also taken to the hospital. The report says it does not appear that any of the injuries are life-threatening.

Apparently the chain-reaction accident occurred after one vehicle hit several others. Police are investigating. Generally speaking, in rear-end collisions, it is the vehicle in the rear that is responsible.

In multi-car collisions such as this, it gets very complicated determining fault. Washington state like many states uses the doctrine of “Comparative Negligence.” Everyone involved in the accident may bear a a varying percentage of fault. In fact more that one person may be held responsible for the accident depending on how much they contributed to the accident. This is when an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney can help.

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