Fatal Everett motorcycle accident involved car making left turn

left-hand-turn.jpgThe Seattle Times reports that a 36-year-old motorcyclist was killed when his motorcycle collided with a car making a left hand turn in Everett.

The fatal motorcycle accident occurred on Evergreen Way around 3pm.

A car making a left- hand turn is one of the most dangerous situation for all motorists, especially motorcyclists. In fact, 42% of all motorcycle-auto collisions occur when an auto is making a left-hand turn.

While a left-hand occurs between two autos can be serious, when a auto and a motorcycle collide, the motorcyclist the results can be catastrophic leaving the motorcyclist seriously injured or killed.

A left turn maneuver is always dangerous and therefore the law requires the motorist to being signaling the intention to turn left at least 100 feet before entering the intersection. The motorist must also make sure that the left hand turn does not endanger another vehicle and has the duty to yield to oncoming traffic.

While this Everett accident is being investigated, the burden of proof will be for the turning motorist to absolve themselves of negligence.

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