Golfer Tiger Woods seriously injured in single-car accident reports that golfer Tiger Woods has been seriously injured in a single-car accident near his Florida home.

A report on says that Woods suffered serious injuries after hitting a fire hydrant and then a tree as he was pulling out of his driveway. The Florida State Patrol accident report says that the accident occurred at 2:25am on November 27 at 6342 Deacon Circle and Deacon Court and that he was transported to Health Central Hospital.

The Florida State Patrolpress release says that the accident is being investigated and “charges are pending” though the report said that it did not appear that alcohol was involved.

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2 responses to “Golfer Tiger Woods seriously injured in single-car accident”

  1. Perry Peck says:

    OK so he cheats on his wife and family and then gets in a big fight with his wife over it and then crashes his new car into a fire hydrant and tree and passes out and the wife smashes the window with of all things a golf club of his. Now tell me this is not perfect Karma. He even cuts his upper and lower lips, and blood comes out of his mouth like the lies he told his wife. Or his cut lips he kissed his mistress (Rachel Uchitel) with. The Tiger is just a pussy to me now, not much of a man to two time his soul mate. Do we see divorce coming next? For SURE! He will hit another hole in one soon being such a superstar.

  2. Sports says:

    I don’t feel sorry for Tiger Woods, he is just another over-paid sportsman. Ok, so the kid can hit a golf ball like no-one else, but does that make him a saint? I think some people are being too soft on Tiger, if he has cheated on his wife and betrayed his family then he deserves a bit of bad publicity. It seems that most of the sports blogs listed online at the sports index are being too nice. Why can’t we say bad stuff about Tiger?

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