Head-on car accident injures 3 in Enumclaw

Three people were injured this morning around 8:30am when two vehicles collided head-on on State Route 169 in Enumclaw.

The accident occurred when an 18-year-old driver attempted to pass another car and collided with an oncoming truck.

The driver of the truck and the 18-year-old driver both suffered broken legs in the accident. A 12-year-old passenger in one of the vehicles was also injured.

From this report on King5.com, it appears that the victims in this head-on collision are very lucky. Head-on collisions often have devastating results and are deadlier than other types of motor vehicle accidents.

Passing — A common cause of head-on car accident

seattle motor vehicle accident attorneyPassing another vehicle requires great skill and judgment. When a driver decides to pass and cross the center line, they must check the sight distance ahead, check rear traffic, estimate the speed and position of approaching vehicles and accurately estimate the time needed for accelerating, steering, and passing the other vehicle. The chance of an error while passing is very high and a driver must utilize great caution when deciding to pass.

Drivers should use caution when attempting to overtake a vehicle because sometimes the vehicle is stopping for something in the roadway or slowing to make a turn.

A driver should never attempt to pass another vehicle on the shoulder, in an area when it is posted “no passing” or the line is striped solid on the driver’s side or when vision is obstructed.

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