Head-on Car Accidents Often Cause Serious Injuries & Fatalities in Washington State and Nationwide

Today we were saddened to read about a horrible wrong-way car accident which killed a 6-year-old boy and injured his mother and 10-year old brother on Interstate 5 near Vancouver, Washington this morning near exit 11.

Gage W. Musgrave, 84, the wrong-way driver was taken to Peace Health hospital for undisclosed injuries.

Musgrave mistakenly entered the highway either from a rest stop or off-ramp and Washington State Troopers believe that he only drove for several minutes on the highway before the car accident occurred.

Head-On Car Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2009 there were 1,772 people killed in car accidents caused by wrong way drivers — drivers who are driving on the wrong side of the highway or road.

Two vehicles colliding head-on are some of the most devastating types of car accidents, often leaving people seriously injured or, as in this case, killed. A head-on collision must be one of the worst car accidents for first responders to have to deal with. The force of two vehicles travelling in opposite directions and colliding at high speeds can leave both vehicles mangled wrecks. The loss of life is heart breaking.

Most often when we see head-on collisions, alcohol or drugs are involved. In this accident, we do not know if that is the case at this time but the elderly driver at the wheel makes one wonder if the driver was confused, lost his bearings or if medications he might be taken caused him to be impaired.

In some head-on crashes, there can be multiple contributing factors including confusing or missing signage or poorly designed on/off ramps.

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