High tech signs to be installed on I-5 in Seattle, SR 520 in Bellevue and I-90 in Bellevue

Smarter Highways coming to a freeway near you–

Smarter Highways is the name of technology which includes sensors and electronic signs which alerts drivers of road conditions so they can alter their driving accordingly reports the Bellevue Reporter. Sensors collect data about traffic conditions and then provide real-time information to drivers resulting in a safer and smoother trip. Smarter Highways has been installed in other countries and it has been shown to reduce car accidents, including rear-enders by 30%.

The Washington Department of Transportation plans to install the sensors and signs on Northbound Interstate 5 between Boeing Access Road and Interstate 90 in this coming summer. They also will install the technology on SR 520 between Interstate 5 and 130th Avenue NE in Bellevue in summer 2010. The DOT plans the to install the technology on the I-90 between I-5 and 150th Avenue SE in Bellevue in the spring 2011.

Says Washington state Transportation Secretary:

“Traffic engineers call it active traffic management, but it’s really about making our highways smarter.

The Smarter Highway technology alerts drivers with signs to change lanes or reroute when something like a car accident or road work blocks the highway ahead. It also warns drivers to reduce their speed before they counter slower-moving traffic which reduces rear-end car accidents. Panic braking is often the cause of rear-end accidents when traffic suddenly slows.

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