I-90 rollover car accident kills toddler, injures 6 mo. old baby and 7 others

A Seattle family traveling in Montana was involved in a rollover car accident in Montana and a 1-year-old boy was killed and eight family members, including a 6-month-old baby, were injured.

KTVQ.com of Billings, Montana reports that the 22-year-old driver of the Dodge Durango the family was riding in was either distracted or fell asleep at the wheel, veered into the median and then over-corrected causing the SUV to roll.

The single vehicle accident occurred on Interstate 90 in western Montana on Interstate 90 around 8:30am.

According to Sgt. Roman Zylawy, all nine people in the vehicle were ejected in the accident including the 6-month-old and the 1-year-old. The child seats had not been fastened into the vehicle.

This is a heartbreaking story and our hearts go out to the victims of this tragic accident. What is especially sad about the story is the fact that the passengers may have not been secured with seatbelts.

Seatbelts Save Lives

In rollover accidents, passengers can suffer catastrophic injuries if they are thrown from the vehicle. Some facts on seatbelt use:

  • A person thrown from a vehicle in a motor vehicle accident has a four to five time higher chance of being killed.
  • A person not wearing a seatbelt may be killed from going through the windshield or hitting the ground.
  • A person not wearing a seatbelt is more likely to be knocked unconscious which prevents them from escaping a submerged car or a car that is on fire.
  • A driver wearing a seatbelt is more likely to keep control of their vehicle.
  • Seatbelts restrain the strongest part of one’s body, the shoulders and the hips.

There s no doubt that seat belt is the single most effective way to reduce serious injury and death in a motor vehicle accident.

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