I-90 turns into Wild West last night in case of road rage

It appears that two drivers, Desi C. Beltran, 29, and Hugo Yanez, 32, took their anger out last night using their automobiles as weapons. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that the two men repeatedly rammed into each others vehicles as they sped westbound on Interstate 90, resulting in both vehicles being totaled after they rolled.

Beltran, of North Bend, was injured in the incident. Yanez was not injured. Both men face serious charges.

It was shocking enough that two grown men would behave in such dangerous and reckless behavior but especially so with Yanez as he had two passengers in his vehicle, Karen M. Hardtke, 27, of Cle Elum and a two-year-old boy. Luckily neither Hardtke nor the boy were injured.

There may be more to this story because it seems incomprehensible that two strangers would take road rage to such an extent. The investigation should reveal of the two men knew each other prior to Wednesday night and whether their altercation started some place else.

Road rage is more than aggressive driving, it is when a motorist uses their vehicle as a weapon to assault another person. Often, a case of road rage will have a trigger such a fender bender accident or someone feeling like they were cut-off.

The two men in this incident fit the profile of someone most likely involved in a road rage incident. Most commonly, people who engage in this type of destructive behavior are males between the ages of 18 and 26. They often have a low education level and a history of drug and alcohol use and violence.

In cases where the road rage driver does not fit this profile, they are males who have had a recent emotional trauma or they suffer from mental illness.

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