In a bid to reduce pedestrian accidents, web-site shows accident videos

Every week in Florida, an average of 9 pedestrians are killed and 21 are injured in pedestrian accidents. As part of the “See the Blind Spots” campaign, they made a controversial call and placed a graphic video of a pedestrian accident on their web-site. Now, a Florida state senator is calling for them to take the video down.

bellevue pedestrian accident attorneyFlorida Senator Mike Fasano says the videos are too “horrific” to be shown.

The web-site does warn ” The following video contains graphic footage and may be unsuitable for small children. Viewer discretion advised.”

One video clip shows a car slamming into a pedestrian and the pedestrian being thrown up onto the vehicle’s hood and then crashing to the pavement. Other videos show body bags.

The web-site educates both pedestrians and drivers and because in nearly 50% of all pedestrian-car collisions the pedestrian disobey traffic laws and made judgment lapses when trying to cross a street. The following safety tips for pedestrians because drivers aren’t always looking out for pedestrians:

  1. Be alert and attentive and don’t cross until its safe.
  2. Obey the Walk and Don’t Walk signals.
  3. Look left-right-left before crossing.
  4. When crossing a street, continually check for traffic, especially for cars and trucks turning right on red.
  5. Don’t assume drivers see you. Make sure you make eye contact.
  6. Use sidewalks when available. When they aren’t available, walk facing traffic.
  7. Don’t walk along or across highways and freeways.
  8. At dusk or at night time, wear reflective clothing and carry a flashlight.
  9. Be care about your alcohol consumption as 35% of those pedestrians killed are under the influence.
  10. Supervise children when they are crossing streets as they do not always have the right judgement to assess the situation.

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