Injuries, accidents and fatalities in the Washington State trucking industry

A new report from the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries entitled Preventing Injuries in the Trucking Industry provides insight and statistics on accidents and injuries in the trucking industry.

According to the report, injuries and fatalities in the trucking industry are more than all other industries combined. The four most common and costly injuries include:

  • Upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders
  • Falls
  • Motor vehicle collisions
  • Struck by or against an object

During the period of the report, from 1998-2005, there were 63 trucking fatalities in Washington State, accounting for 10% of work-related fatalities in Washington State. Nearly 80% of the fatalities were in the “general freight” category. Causes of the fatalities included highway accidents, being hit by another truck and tripping on a trailer hitch and falling against concrete.

Trucking is an absolutely vital industry and injuries to truck drivers account for 21,000 lost work time claims in the period of the report and almost 38,000 medical only claims.

SHARP — Safety & Health Assessment & Research for Prevention — is looking for ways that accidents and injuries can be prevented. These include:

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  • Insuring all equipment is in proper working order and new vehicles designed for worker safety.
  • Insuring that vehicles are designed so that employees can climb in and out safely.
  • Replacing straps before they break — making sure loads are secure
  • Providing ladders and stairs to cabs and trailers
  • Requiring proper footwear
  • Training employees on using equipment and proper securing methods for loads
  • Training drivers in defensive driving

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