Insurance Institute car crash testing of small cars

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently published their report rating small cars in crash tests. With more people looking to purchase smaller cars because of high gas prices, it is important to look at what cars are going to be the safest in a car accident. All of the cars that were tested had high ratings in frontal crashes. However, many of them did not do as well in the side evaluation and rear crash protection.

Of the cars tested, the Suzuki SX4 and the Toyota Matrix had good ratings in both front and side crashes. The Ford Focus, Mini Cooper and Chevrolet HHR were given good ratings in front crash tests and acceptable ratings in side crash tests.

The Hyunda Elantra and Saturn Astra had good results in front crash testing but marginal results in side crash testing.

Of all of the cars tested, the Chrysler PT Cruiser performed the worst. While it had good ratings for front crashes, it has poor ratings in both side and rear crash tests.

The car makers still have some work to do when it comes to rear crashes in small cars. The Mini Cooper and Ford Focus both got good ratings in rear crash tests and the Hyundai Elantra and Saturn Astra got acceptable ratings.

To see the complete report, click here.

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