Interstate 405 car accident was “road rage” says accident victims

Seattle’s KIRO reports that a Maple Valley rollover car accident on Interstate 405 near State Route 169 was caused by a case of road rage.

According to the report, a couple was driving their prized 1967 Pontiac GTO in the carpool lane when a Dodge Durango pickup truck, driven by a man who appeared to be angry at them for not speeding up, pulled in front of them and intentionally slammed on his brakes.

The driver of the Pontiac tried to avoid colliding with the Durango and perhaps hit a guard fail, causing the Pontiac to flip.

Luckily, the couple were wearing their seatbelts and neither were seriously injured in the car accident.

The Washington State Patrol is asking anyone with information about the accident or the identity of the driver of the Durango to contact them.

According to AAA, road range or aggressive driving is a factor in up to 56% of fatal car accident. Most drivers believe that road rage or aggressive driving is dangerous but it is most certainly criminal.

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