Jury awards $3.09M to car accident victim

Many clients that we meet with want to know up front how much of a settlement they can expect to receive after a car accident. There are many factors that go into a car accident settlement such as the victim’s medical expenses, type of employment and insurance policy limits. As a law firm that specializes in motor vehicle accidents, we work hard to insure victims receive the compensation they deserve while taking on insurance companies who try to limit awards.

We read the following case summary and we are sharing it for illustrative purposes. Your case results may vary depending on the circumstances of your accident and injuries.

Andrews v. G & G Cement Contractors

A man who suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of a car accident has been awarded $3.09 million car accident settlement.

According to a case summary posted by attorneys James L. Farina and Steven P. Garmisa, William Andrews, 28, was injured when a vehicle ran a red light in an intersection and struck his vehicle. The driver, Luis Chavez, of the vehicle that hit Andrews then fled the accident scene.

Andrew’s brain injury left him with cognitive and personality changes. His medical expenses were around $300,000.

Andrews and his wife filed a negligence lawsuit against Chavez and G & G Cement Contractors, Chavez’s employer.

Repondeat Superior

The doctrine of respondeat superior allows for a plaintiff to file suit against an employer for the negligent act of their employee in the course of his or her employment. In this case, Chavez was driving for G & G Cement Contractors.

This case went to a jury trial and the jury awarded Andrews $3.09 million.

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