Jury awards bus accident victim $20.3M award for injuries

Alfreda Kunz, 57, was awarded approximately $20.31 million damage award for injuries she received when she was run over by a New York Transit Authority bus.

Kunz was in a crosswalk and the green walk signal was on when a Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) bus driven by Jose Mateo turned left and ran over her.

Kunz suffered life-altering injuries including:

  • A crushed right arm and leg and she had to have both her arm and her leg amputated. Injuries which confined her to a wheelchair.
  • “Degloving injuries” to her buttocks which is an injury in which the skin is completely pulled off of the underlying tissue. This injury resulted in her having to undergo 20 debridement and skin-graft procedures.
  • Detached retina and a traumatic cataract which resulted in blindness to her eye.
  • Post-traumatic stress.

The court ruled on summary judgment that the defendants were both jointly and severally liable. Summary judgment allows the court to determine some merits of a case without a full trial. After summary judgment, the merits of the damages portion of the case was presented to the jury who awarded $483,900 for Kunz’s medical expenses, $4.83 million for future medical expenses, $4 million for pain and suffering and $11 million for future pain and suffering.

Kunz’s counsel in the case was a fellow AAJ member, Alan M. Shapey of New York City. He called upon expert witnesses including an economist and a life-care planning specialist . Life-care planning expertise is often an important part of determining damages when a person has experienced life-altering injuries. Life care planners provide consultation in valuating life care, loss of income, disability management and rehabilitation costs.

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