Jury awards car accident victim $1.1M in lawsuit against city involving police officer

A Ohio jury has awarded a a $1.1M injury award to a man who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a motor vehicle accident when a police officer turned into his path, resulting in a collision.

Henry Jontony, 48, was injured when a police officer, responding to a non-emergency call, turned suddenly into Jontony’s path.

Jontony suffered a concussion and injuries consistent with whiplash in the accident. He was eventually diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury which left him permanently disabled. His symptoms included confusion, short-term memory problems, anger management, and problems with filtering out background noises. His long term care costs are estimated at $5M and his medical costs are about $41,000.

Jontony and his family sued both the police officer and the city where the police officer worked under the “vicarious liability.” Respondeat superior — also known as vicarious liability — is the doctrine that employers are liable for negligent or acts of their employees when the act that caused harm was within the course of the person’s employment.

The attorney for the city argued that Jontony’s injuries were not so severe as he was still able to drive a car and live at home. The jury, however, awarded just about $1.1 million including $50,000 to Jontony’s spouse for “loss of consortium.” Loss of consortium refers to “loss of companionship” or the inability of a person’s spouse to have normal marital relations.

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Citation: Jontony v. Colegrove, No. CV-08-677987 (Ohio, Cuyahoga Co. Com. Pleas July 1, 2011).

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